Hawkplay Casino Review – A New Online Casino With Great Games

Hawkplay Casino Review – A New Online Casino With Great Games

Free Register Bonus with 23P Free! Revenge Bonus when you lose the bet!

Register as HawkPlay to get the 23P Register Bonus. Bet on the platform if losing the money, get the Revenge Bonus Cashback! Up to 5% of total losing will return. People need to apply from the customer service to get the bonus


New players only

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HawkPlay Casino is a well-known casini website in the Philippines. HawkPlay has many games and provides a stable betting platform!

  • Game Variety
  • Stable Platform
  • Casino Lincense
  • Good for all devices
  • Quick Deposit
  • Less Promotions
  • Slow Customer Reply
  • Less Deposit/Withdraw Channel

HawkPlay casino website introduction, we bring you the most professional HawkPlay introduction! Players can learn more about the currently most popular casino“HawkPlay”. Even though the HawkPlay casino has only been in operation for one year, it is loved by many players so far! The casino website also claims that it is legal to play and also guarantees all player’s safety. So you can register as a member with confidence and have a safe experience! Play the world’s top casino platform, and combine a variety of high-quality games to create a special casino experience, HawkPlay is definitely a good choice!


About HawkPlay Casino

Even though HawkPlay only has more than one year of operating experience, it has attracted many users to join because of its various games and diverse gameplay!

You will find out on the platform that compared to other casino sites, HawkPlay casino has launched exclusive games, such as sports betting platforms, there are as many as 6 sports betting platforms you can play! Also more than 10 choices of online slot machines platform! It is definitely one of the platforms with the most diverse game types right now! If you are a player who loves to play casino games, HawkPlay will be your good choice!

HawkPlay casino has a variety of casino gaming companies. But the bonus HawkPalay has… not suitable for everyone!

HawkPlay Casino Game

HawkPlay provides a variety of casino games for players to play, like slot machines, bingo, live casino, cockfighting, fishing games, sports betting, and Poker! And also cooperated with many manufacturers!

1. Online slot machines

There are more than 10 types of online slot machines, and the platform also considerately launched a “search” function, allowing players to quickly filter out the online slot machines they want to play! HawkPlay provides AE SLOT, allowing players to play the exclusive slot machine! The platform does not have RTP data, so players cannot know the winning rate of each game in detail!








-YES Bingo


-Micro Gaming

-KA Gaming


Compared with other casino sites, HawkPlay casino has launched Bingo games independently. The platform has many Bingo game providers, and each game provider has a different gameplay style! Like GO Goal Bingo launched by JILI, or Beasty Bingo launched by Yes Bingo!

-Heat Bingo

-Bingo Carnaval

-Jackpot Bingo

-GO Goal Bingo


-Open Sesame

-Money Bingo

3.Live Casino

HawkPlay provides 5 different platforms for players to choose from, and they can also play different real-life video games such as roulette, baccarat, niuniu, and sic bo! Compared to other Filipino casino sites, the platform offers fewer choices! But the platform provides an exclusive XTREME casino, which can only be played on HawkPlay Casino!




-DREAM casino

-XTREME casino

4. Cock Fighting

At present, the platform only provides a cockfighting platform for players to choose, but this platform is very popular in the Southeast Asian market! It can definitely meet your cockfighting betting needs!

-Diamond Sabong88

5. Fishing

There are also many fishing games launched on the platform, and there are more than 6 cooperative manufacturers! But the website does not provide a filtering function, allowing players to quickly filter out the fishing games they want to play!








6. Sports Betting

The sports betting provided by the HawkPlay platform is definitely the most diverse in the Philippine market! It provides up to 6 platforms for players to choose from! Absolutely the best sports betting site out there! A variety of events, and a variety of games!

-Diamond Sport


-UNITED casino





HawkPlay has launched many card games, and also cooperates with 3 game manufacturers! Allow players to play more than 32 kinds of games! Like Andar Bahar, KingmakerPoker, Cointoss, are very popular games!

-King Maker


-Micro casino

HawkPlay Bonus

There are very few bonuses launched by HawkPlay! There are only 3 bonuses for players to choose from! And the rewards given are… not generous! If you are very concerned about bonuses, you may need to think carefully before playing!


Every player who registers as a member of HawkPlay for the first time can have a free registration bonus! All players can receive 23P, but if the deposit reaches 100,000, they will receive an additional 2000!


Platform members can receive Christmas rewards! As long as the player reaches the betting amount, he can get an extra % bonus! Up to 5% can be reached! But it also has a turnover limit of 10 times!

3. Revenge bonus

As long as each player loses a certain amount, he will get the corresponding bonus! Up to 5% can be obtained! The calculation method will be “your amount x 5.0%” which is your revenge bonus!

HawkPlay Customer Service

HawkPlay only provides one customer service method, and does not provide such as FACEBOOK, TELEGRAM, etc., so players find it hard to make contact! The response speed of LIVE CHAT on the website is not timely!

In addition, we actually contact the platform, and the reply speed is slow, and the customer service personnel are not very attentive. In terms of service, we believe that even though the platform has many types of games, it should not provide such unprofessional services!

-Live Chat

Why play HawkPlay?

Why is the HawkPlay casino website specially introduced today? It is because there are quite a lot of game types on the platform. Compared with other gambling platforms, It have cooperated with many game developers and launched quite a variety of games for players to choose from. We also compared the types of games in other games. Basically, you can play any game you want on the platform!

If you are a casino player and only like “games”, we think this will be a good choice for you. But if you are a new player and need assistance and preferential subsidies, we think this platform is not suitable for you to play! Before choosing to play, you must do a good review and understand your play style!

People Review On Social Media

We also look for relevant comments on the Internet, but unfortunately, few players give HawkPlay casino comments on the Internet, we only look for player comments from Facebook.

Positive comments:

1. There are so many types of games! And there are many platforms that cannot be played on other websites! If you are an old player today, don’t miss it!

2. If you love online slot machines, it will be your good choice!

3. The game platform is quite stable, and highly recommended!

Negative comment:

1. There are really few bonuses, there is only 3 bonus for the player!

2. The service of the website is really bad, and I can’t find customer service for a long time to contact!


5.5/10 points

Generally speaking, although there are many kinds of games on the website, there are many games for players to choose from, and you will also find cooperation with many game platforms on the website! But we think that there are really too few bonuses on the platform! If there is no Christmas event, the platform only provides 2 bonuses for users to use! Not only are there no invitation offers, but there also are not even slot machine bonuses given away!

The service of the platform is not very good. When many players seek help, they will not be able to find it! The website also only provides the deposit method of Gcash! If you’re not a professional gamer today, we don’t recommend you play HawkPlay casino!


Q1. What is HawkPlay Casino?

A1. HawkPlay Casino is a new online casino in Philippines market. The site offers many games and game partners! The variety of games on the site will definitely keep you playing all day long!

Q2. Are there any promotionss on HawkPlay?

A2. Unfortunately, there are very few promotions on the platform! HawkPlay only provides 3 kinds of promotions to platform members! And the bonus is very small and the threshold is set high! Pretty unfriendly to every player!

Q3. How good is HawkPlay’s service?

A3. HawkPlay provides a customer service channel, LIVE CHAT! But many players complain about poor response times when they actually contact support! Even if an instant channel is provided, the efficiency of the reply is not high!

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